Statement of Purpose

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I am a senior at the Bahaudin Zakariya University . I am studying Building and Architectural Engineering, with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. I expect to graduate this upcoming OCTOBER, 2012, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Architectural Engineering, with honors from the College of Engineering. I am proud to say that I am among the best in my class. During my undergraduate career, I have gained knowledge and experience in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in practice. I wish next to enter University of Carleton’s graduate program in Civil Engineering (Structural specialty).

Structural engineering is the intersection of the fields I find most interesting, exciting, and intellectually and practically satisfying, namely Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics. I have worked diligently these past four years to increase my understanding and mastery of these subjects, and I have greatly enjoyed the process. I wish to study Structural engineering so I can further investigate and contribute to the understanding of various physical phenomena encountered in Civil Engineering, which will lead to more accurate assessment and use of the engineering characteristics and potentials of materials, sites, and processes.

I am applying for your college on an account of its excellent research facilities combined with distinguished and dedicated faculty. My admission into your esteemed institution is of paramount importance for my career. With my theoretical knowledge and practical skill I am well equipped to meet your expectations. I am confident that I would surely synchronize to your standards. I hope I will be favorably considered for admission for graduate study with possible financial assistance.

Having made this statement of my objectives it is my belief that what your university looks for, in a prospective student, is a strong academic background and the will to perform and...
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