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Topics: Decision making, Information technology, Risk Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Informed decision-making is an important aspect for working in the government. According to Milakovich and Gordon, provide some examples of how information technology can be used to assist bureaucrats in decision-making? The depth and quality of knowledge used by policy makers can influence the effectiveness of policies. According to Milakovich and Gordon, competitive political forces constantly push elected representatives to focus on immediate political decisions, rather than on long term professional-administrative values such as efficient use of resources and increased productivity (p.431). During President Bush’ election he used certain failures of the past administration to enhance his win to presidency as the public trust in the government was at a low. The use of performance data to make budgetary and programmatic decisions became the foundation of Bush’s Presidents Management Agenda (PMA). The PMA is the Bush administration’s effort to better manage federal agencies. Under the PMA, these agencies were required to show how public programs achieve results more efficiently than other methods. However, during the Obama campaign pledged to use information communication technology tools to include social media to make government less beholden to special interest groups and promote citizen involvement in decision-making (p.434). Another high tech approach includes the development of the technology, innovation and government reform (TIGR) working group which is a team of tech-industry professionals whose mission was to create a twenty-first century government that is more open and effective, leverage technology to grow the economy, create jobs, and solve pressing national problems (p.436). Productivity is the measurable relationship between results produced and the resources required for production; quantitative measure of the efficiency of the organization. Productivity focuses on the efficient use of governmental resources and actual impacts of what...
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