A Fresh New Start

Topics: English-language films, Play, Reality television Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 18, 2016
A Fresh New Start
When our group got together and sat down and re-thought over the concept of our play, we decided this was not a very effective or suitable way to display our main topic. We agreed that the idea of having different skits in a way that seems like a reality television show was an inappropriate and, truly, an awful way of presenting our idea in a performance. Because of this, we discard our entire idea and started over, completely fresh. To get the ball rolling, we first decided on the setting for our characters. The setting of a train was established for our performance. Then, we decided what each character’s role was. We agreed upon Kim playing the role of a waitress, Olivia playing the role of a college student, I was going to play the role of a businessman, and Luke was just a passenger. We were all going to be passengers on this train.

We developed a premise that each passenger on the train will come upon an internal conflict that they will have to deal with. This is where Stan and Josh come into play. They will be playing the consciousness of each passenger. Stan will be the pessimistic, bad side of the consciousness and will pursued the passengers to adhere from doing what is right or neglecting the duty. Josh will be the optimistic, good side of the consciousness and will pursued the passengers into doing what is right. From this premise, we created a basic outline for our performance where each passenger will be entering the train and each passenger will be faced with a water-related issue. Form there on, each passenger will get specific amount to time in the performance to contemplate their decision and this is where Stan and Josh will come in, trying to persuade the passengers to pick a side.
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