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MANU 2151 Maintenance and Reliability

Group Project 30%
(Mid-semester project update 5% + Report 15% + Presentation 10%)

(3-4 students per group)

Existing plant

You are a new task force formed to drive asset performance in your company that operates a production facility. Your team is tasked to optimise asset performance for the remaining life cycle of the plant by reviewing current plant operation and maintenance strategies to identify major losses area for improvement.

New Plant
You are the asset management team of a new production facility. Your team is to develop the asset management plan for the life cycle of this new facility.

You will need to:

1. Define business. Objectives and KPIs
2. Describe major physical assets, their functions, physical properties 3. Design/describe Plant layout
4. Provide diagrams
5. Setup plant hierarchy
6. Perform Data analysis
7. Identify major losses area for improvement
8. Apply methods such as FMECA, RCA and maintenance optimisation techniques 9. Review current maintenance strategies and intervals and suggest improvement. Or Develop new maintenance strategies 10. Suggest areas for capital projects

11. Ensure required downtime for improvement projects and planned maintenance work are inline with enterprise production plan. 12. Prepare a budget for implementing these new asset management 13. Prepare a contingency plan if the budget available is cut by 20% and carry out prioritisation. 14. Carry out a risk analysis

a. what if not all asset management plan can be carried out, predict a risk exposure figure for this budget cut. b. by doing so, you will be able to justify the budget planned and allow senior management to make an informed decision.

*The above list is a guide only.

Reports requirement:
Project plan. This should not be more than 10 pages. You are to provide a brief outline of the status of the group project. (Week 5) The final report should be at least 50 pages but not more...
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