Starbucks Recommendations Regarding the Issue of Breastfeeding

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Coffee Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: November 6, 2008
On Aug, 2004, we faced unexpected issue in Maryland Starbucks coffee shop. A mother who were breastfeeding her child been asked by our employee to relocate to the bathroom because the employee received complains from other customers who did not like it. This problem oscillated rapidly and women are protesting against us in public which brought negative media attention to our business. We should act immediately before this issue get out of control. Therefore, I have a few recommendations that will help us solve this problem and improve the high quality of our customer service:

Implement a policy: Implementing corporate breastfeeding policy and posting signs in all our stores. These signs will increase the public awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. That will show our customers how much we care and remind them that Starbucks is part of this society and it is our responsibility to bring the awareness in our society. •Administer a test covering values and rules of our company: We committed to offer our customers the finest coffee experience by providing the world’s best coffee taste and quality. Moreover, we offer the high quality of customer service providing our customers the best social and comfortable environment in our corporate stores. To insure that our employee implement the corporate rolls and values, I suggest giving an annual test for all our corporate employees about Starbucks rules and regulation to insure they follow the right path. Moreover, it will prevent any future problems caused by misunderstanding of our corporate law. •Making store changes: by building a special areas “Nurse In” where these mothers breastfeed their children’s without causing them any disturbance. In this area “Nurse In”, we can provide them special products that they need for their children while breastfeeding. That can be profitable for us since it will increase the number of women who will spend more time in this area along with their kids having special...
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