Breastfeeding in Public

Topics: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Infant formula Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Debates over Breast-feeding in public.

Breast-feeding a baby is one of the most normal and natural things to do in a mother’s life. A mother should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to take part in something that is crucial for the development of their child. Research suggests that a mother should allow her baby to feed when the baby shows it is ready, this means at any time at any place. The Better Health channel states that it is essential for a baby to receive their mother’s breast milk, as it helps develop their immune system and provides them with nutrients that help them grow. Each child has a right to be breast-fed, and every mother has a right to breast-feed, even in a public place. But in today’s society, there lurks people who find such a natural act inappropriate and disgusting to look at.

Breast-feeding is acknowledged as important for mothers and babies. Although, when it is done in public, some people make harsh remarks and confront mothers, asking them to offensively cover up. Many mothers are finding that any type of confrontation relating to their breastfeeding difficult to deal with, as they feel it is a personal attack towards them. It can create unsettling feelings for a mother, and could soon end confident breastfeeding in public, and even at home. But mothers and families around Australia are now fighting for it to be socially accepted.

Recently in Queensland controversy has sparked when a mother was simply breastfeeding at a public pool while watching her children. She was approached by a worker, and was asked to leave the area while she was breastfeeding, because it was ‘inappropriate’. The worker implied that she should ‘cover up or get out’, resulting in her leaving in tears of embarrassment and humiliation. This basically implied that breastfeeding is unnatural, disgusting or even illegal. Why should people make mothers feel so ashamed about feeding their child that they have to cover up? The fact that they are also being...

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