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Research Question/Problem
The consumer purchasing habits in Starbucks

Terms of Reference
1. This study aims to investigate the reasons for the consumer’s loyalty to a brand. Reason is through the brand product sales and service process. A coffee shop so will directly affect the consumer behaviour. 2. Research of consumers' consumption psychology and consumption behavior, and analysis of various influencing factors. Consumer psychology and consumer behavior reveals the change law of consumer behavior. The research involves the Starbucks Company clear and focus on the customer's favourite flavour, and to introduce suitable products to meet customer needs. 3. Triangulation of the data sources will let us know which products to make customer choice in Starbucks consumption and the consumer's point of view. From their point of view the recommendations and conclusions drawn.

Background and Context
Starbucks Coffee Company was first set up in 1971 in Seattle, Washington and has grown into one of the world’s largest chain of coffeehouses. Today, there are 17,000 stores in 55 different countries. Why a cup of coffee can sell so well? For many young people, Starbucks is not just a cup of coffee. It is a popular way of life. The leisurely and carefree, quick, warm coffee culture into life. In terms of today's competitive society, not just only Starbucks cafe. In addition also have a lot of similar companies, like Costa, Nero, etc. All have a group of target customers. The size of the guest group of positioning is to determine the future space. These companies have a lot of stores. But in order to meet the needs of customers, the enterprise will be based on consumer psychology and behavior to formulate marketing principles and strategies. Global consistent management, quality and taste, each a cup of coffee has the same taste, one of the reasons for consumers to choose this brand. This is Starbucks has consumers as indicators. Consumer crowd is the sole criterion for consideration, if you want to keep this group of consumers, from service, sales to shape a good reputation. Which directly affect the customer's consumption behavior and purchasing habits, let them on the use of the product has a regulation time for consumption. In clear the corresponding market positioning and trying to give each customer a unique experience, Starbucks can quickly is also many reasons for success:

Consumer behaviour
Consumer behaviour is the exchange of the product or services are closely linked together. Under the condition of modern market economy, Starbucks is focus on consumer behavior and consumers establish and develop long-term exchange relationship. Therefore, not only need to understand how consumers access to products and services, but also need to understand how consumers are consumer products, and how products after finished the handled. Because consumer experience, the way consumers to dispose of the old products and feelings will affect consumer's next round of purchases, that is to say, the long-term exchange relationship between Starbucks and consumers directly. So in this research, the consumer has played a very important role.(Robert, Malcolm and Marc, 2013)

Purchasing habits
When purchasing becomes a habit, Starbucks enterprise goal- to be the customer "magnet". Starbucks can actually put this brand to pull from rivals, customers into its stores, coffee and other things. Why sell business magazine in the newsstands along any time cover nearly half of the article is about the Starbucks? Because they won the customers. For their customers, they are indispensable. Starbucks found their favorite thing to do, do best, customer the most important thing between the three points of appeal. For the customers, Starbucks is satisfying.

Recreational use of time
Where customers, Starbucks is where to go. Starbucks is based on the customer as the center, can attract customers willing to take the time to taste a cup of coffee....

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