Standpoint Theory Paper

Topics: Race, Ethnic group, White people Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Standpoint Theory Paper

Racism is defined as the systematic subordination of certain racial groups by those groups in power . As a society, we must first eradicate ignorance in order to defeat racism. We must acknowledge that people have different ways of viewing the world and that even though someone may have a different opinion than you, it is not necessarily wrong. The idea that people have different ways of viewing the world stems from standpoint theory. Standpoint theory is based on the concept that people view the world differently depending on their social standing . A central theme of standpoint theory is that a person’s racial and or ethnic background deeply impacts how they view and interact with the world . Racial location and racial standpoints are both key elements of standpoint theory. A racial location is defined as the racial or ethnic groups to which a person belongs . Everyone has a racial location because everyone identifies with at least one or more races. Having a racial location does not necessarily mean that one has a racial standpoint. A racial standpoint refers to a racial location accompanied by a deep and oppositional understanding that our experiences are influenced by societal and political climates . The way we behave and the way we think is a product of our environment and is a direct result of our childhood. As we grow up our beliefs and opinions are shaped by our experiences and the example set forth by our parents. My greatest influences on my views of race have been my parents. My parents emigrated from Nigeria to the United States in the early 1980s. My parents have always been open-minded about different races and cultures but they tend to be guarded when interacting with people of Caucasian dissent, indicating to me that they have had past negative experiences causing them to react this way. Ann Arbor, MI is very diverse and cultured city. Growing up in Ann Arbor meant that I was exposed to people of different races,...

Cited: Orbe, Mark P and Tina M Harris. Interacial Communication: Theory into Practice. 2nd . Losa Angeles: Sage Publications, Inc., 2008.
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