Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder management and reporting plan
The aim of stakeholder management and reporting plan is to summarize and communicate project progress and issues to the various stakeholders. Reporting the progress of the event accurately and regularly allows for better quality decision-making. There would like to discuss with the key stakeholder in following sections.

Firstly, the major key stakeholder is Leisure and Cultural Service Department (LCSD). As LCSD contracted out to 4 Seasons Events Company to create and manage in this cultural event, company’s project manager should provide all up-to-date information to report to Margrit LI, who is Assistant Director (Leisure Services) in LCSD. They would present executive summary information to LCSD’s director for their consideration. Moreover, project manager should hold a regular face to face meeting every two weeks at half a year ago, for other channel of communication, there can use email to keep contact and some technologic ways, such as webinars, video conferencing and teleconferencing. The purpose of frequency contact is to confirm the event can achieve our objectives and increase the communication between LCSD and company. After the event, project manager must report the details on the whole event to the LCSD in follow-up section. Also, it should evaluate the success or impact of the event. On the other hand, exhibitors also are the key stakeholder. It would like to include two departments to manage. First of all, project officer should consider and discuss the suitable country’s exhibitors; it is a selection process before contact with them. Then, it would assign operation department to follow on. Operation department may form a project team to contact with exhibitors. Thus, the focus efforts on this team are monitor exhibitor’s progress and status, and make timely decision. To ensure the quality of exhibitors, it must offer interview and presentation to make sure that they can meet event objective and expectation. Afterward, there should sign a contract and engage & consult regularly at least 2 time per month, the meeting with the project office to review current statue, discuss and resolve issues, communicate decision, decision making bodies and monitor their performance at booth and stage. Besides, it would like to through newsletters, emails and telephone to transmit the update information one or two times weekly. Finally, it must confirm the action plan before one month due to the procedure. Participants are the important area for stakeholder and involve many grouping. The target market Besides, human resources (HR) have responsibility to manage employees, including event manager, contract staff, part-time staff and volunteer. HR is the key asset of company, so it would like to obtain competent employees or volunteers and provide the means for them to function optimally. For the management and reporting plan, HR manager should plan for recruitment before 3 months (July, 2013), it can prepare written promotion material for poster, website and newsletters etc. to attract people. The recruitment process should finish within 2 months. Also, it must ensure good management of recruitment and selection, the reason of it are fitting people to the requirement of the duty and reducing cost to re-selection. To have efficiency management, it would hold regular meetings with volunteers and staff to set their expectations. Therefore, HR must organize training for volunteers and staff before service about 1 month ago. The purpose of this is ensure that all volunteers and staff in the event have the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to perform their job competently to plat their part in ensuring the company to fulfill its goals. The channel of communication for volunteers and staff may use email and phone to provide the information, face to face event briefing and meeting to offer direct interaction. For supplier of stakeholder, it assigns logistics department to...
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