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Stages of Adulthood - Descriptions and Categories

Topics: Middle age / Pages: 2 (583 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2006
Adulthood is a the longest period in life which for the purposes of clarity has been broken into three periods. The three stages of adulthood are young (21-35), middle (35-65), and older (65+ ). Young adulthood is the period when you may experience good health, a career, marriage, children, and/or financial independence resulting from financial success. Middle adulthood brings greater financial security and emotional maturity and satisfaction from family growth, but health may become an issue for many. Older adulthood is the time of life when wisdom should have accumulated. Despite this potential, many problems may linger, such as loneliness, isolation, poor health.

Young adulthood is the time when peak physical fitness is generally experienced. Physical growth starts to taper off, but mentally there is likely to be a settling and more peace of mind. Emotionally, it is typical to leave behind adolescent conflicts and discover more smoothness and less tension. It is very common to start a family with marriage and then become a parent. Financially, the young adult usually starts to see the possibility of achieving his dream. The health of the young adult may continue despite bad habits such smoking, drinking and lack of exercise.

Middle adulthood is the time when it is common that life is at its best. Physically, body starts to slow down, which means that if proper remedies are sought the declining health characteristics can be stopped. Exercise, good diet, and healthy attitude can produce some amazing results. Thus middle adulthood need not be a time of poor health. But it requires some attention and openness. Mentally and emotionally many middle aged adults begin to accept their mortality and with this deeper reflection is common. Failure to gain greater perspective often results in a middle age crisis which is characterized by uncertainty about one's identity and values. Socially in this stage, adults often enjoy clear identify formation, according to the book. By this time, it is common for adults to be able to focus positively on their family and job. Financially, they are generally more responsible and helpful to to their family and others. The main cause death in this period is cancer. On the other hand, wellness can be achieved by exercising, not smoking and having low fat diet. There are many things that can be done to maintain wellness, if only they are embraced.

Older adulthood is the time when aging continues for most individuals. Many find that the ability to heal from illnesses or injuries is reduced. Most older adults are more emotionally stable than before, and having to deal with death of family members brings them to a shift in values. Socially, older adults tend to retire. The process of adapting to this new state may take more than a few weeks or even months. Some never adapt and die instead from health failure. Financially, during retirement it is important to plan ahead so that you can be secure. Health problems are similar to the earlier stage, and the leading cause of death is cancer and heart disease. So maintaining healthy habits is important at this time as well.

Concluding, with age comes responsibility abut also more rewards. The number one thing that people of any age group can do for their life is to stay healthy. If you stay away from tobacco, drugs and even prescribed medications, you will have a healthier and happier life. But this is sometimes very hard for most to do in our time of great temptations, and social pressure to conform.

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