Srs of Student Course Registration System

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Student Registration System (SRS)
requirements specification
We have been asked to develop an automated Student Registration System (SRS). This system will enable students to register online for courses each semester, as well as track a student’s progress toward completion of his or her degree.

When a student first enrolls at the university, the student uses the SRS to set forth a plan of study as to which courses he or she plans on taking to satisfy a particular degree program, and chooses a faculty advisor.

The SRS will verify whether or not the proposed plan of study satisfies the requirements of the degree that the student is seeking. Once a plan of study has been established, then, during the registration period preceding each semester, the student is able to view the schedule of classes online, and choose whichever classes he or she wishes to attend, indicating the preferred section (day of week and time of day) if the class is offered by more than one professor. The SRS will verify whether or not the student has satisfied the necessary prerequisites for each requested course by referring to the student’s online transcript of courses completed and grades received (the student may review his or her transcript online at any time).

Assuming that (a) the prerequisites for the requested course(s) are satisfied, (b) the course(s) meets one of the student’s plan of study requirements, and (c) there is room available in each of the class(es), the student is enrolled in the class(es).

If (a) and (b) are satisfied, but (c) is not, the student is placed on a first-come, first-served waiting list. If a class/section that the student was previously waitlisted for becomes available (either because some other student has dropped the class or because the seating capacity for the class has been increased), the student is automatically enrolled in the waitlisted class, and an email message to that effect is sent to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to...
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