Spirituality: Religion and Young Australians

Topics: Religion, Spirituality, Meditation Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Spirituality and religion have begun to be referred to as separate practices, they have somewhat come to a difference. They no longer seem to fall in the same category. As reported by the Christian research association, that whilst there has been a decline in devotion to traditional religions, more people indicate that they are nevertheless, ‘spiritual’. But why is this? Is religion losing its followers due to new ways of people experiencing spirituality? In the eyes of most young Australians religion has a lot less significance than it used to. [1] Many young Australians say spirituality and religion are different “when young Australians talk about their hunger for spirituality, they make it clear that they are not talking about religion.” [1] Young Australians aren’t looking towards the church for their religion, but instead finding their own spirituality in more popular/modern ways. Defining spirituality is not a simple task, it is defined in many different ways by different individuals. Modern spiritualities can be a mix of some traditional religious elements that are adapted by the individual and combined with a focus on environmental and ethical issues that affect the world. Spirituality can also be about the relationship with the sacred. The sacred being the relationships in which the individuals can choose whether or not to participate. [2] Other forms of spirituality are just primarily concerned with the discovery and development of the personal self. Many young people are also looking to spirituality to teach them how to live, how to be in the world, and how to know themselves in relationship to others. Religion on the other hand, can be defined as a collective or community of people who believe in the same faith and come together to practice the same rituals. [3] They have a belief in supernatural beings (gods), they use prayer or have other forms of communication to connect with their god, and they have a world/creation view which answers unknown...
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