Module 9 Exploring Spirituality Across The Lifespan With Timeline Developmental Milestones Defining Moments Changing Beliefs And Practices CurryDailey

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Spiritual Timelines
Jennifer Curry, Ph. D, Louisiana State University, Stephanie Dailey, M.A., LPC,

Spiritual Development
What promotes spiritual development?
Defining struggles or moments
Grief and Loss
Spiritual Mentoring
Ongoing Meaning Making (development)-this
requires time and energy for contemplation

What are the benefits of a spiritual orientation?
 Promotes higher levels of health and well-being (Sperry, 2001)  Fewer instances of depression, substance abuse, suicidal impulses, criminal activity, medical and/or physical health
problems (Gartner, Larson & Allen, 1991; Gorsuch, 1995;
Sperry, 2001).
 Spiritual and/or religious beliefs improve emotional adjustment in both healthy individuals and those with chronic illness such as HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, and breast cancer (Bower et al., 2005; Carver et al., 1993; Frame, Uphold, Shehan, & Reid, 2005;

Robertson, Smith, Ray, & Jones, 2009)

Spirituality is positively correlated

Moral Development
Formation of a sense of existential meaning
Job Satisfaction
Coping with Stress
Benevolent Reappraisal
Healthy Adjustment
Development of Empathy

Spirituality Mitigates negative
Psychological Events

Stressful Situations
Perceived Racism
Oppressive Circumstances

Spiritual Development
In order to learn more about a client’s spiritual
development, counselors can use a variety of
techniques. Some activities include:
– Formal Assessments (such as the 5 Factor WEL)
– Spiritual/Religious Genograms
– Spiritual Narrative
– Spiritual Timelines

Spiritual Timelines

What is a timeline?
“A sequence of related events arranged in
chronological order and displayed along a
line” (Princeton Wordnet, 2006)
Timelines have been used to chart history,
socioeconomics, and for charting business
growth and development.

Example of a Historical Timeline

To effectively Use timelines in
1. Explain the activity to the client and get the
client’s permission
2. Provide the client with materials
3. Give the client instructions that are either
direct or open ended
4. Allow the client to choose salient moments
5. Process! Process! Process!

Materials Used for Timeline

Construction paper
Colored Pencils
Client Artifacts

Processing Timelines: Listen for themes

Kinship and other relationships,
Resurrection of self,
Use of language or pictures as symbols,
Notions of power,
Grief and loss,
Spiritual gifts, and
Divergence of individual spiritual beliefs from religious
affiliation or family of origin

Case Illustration--Corrine

Bower, J. E., Meyerowitz, B. E., Desmond, K. A., Bernards, C. A., Rowland, J. H., & Ganz, P. A. (2005). Perceptions of positive meaning and vulnerability following breast cancer: predictors and outcomes among long-term breast cancer survivors. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 29, 236-245. Carver, C. S., Pozo, C., Harris, S. D., Noriega, V., Scheier, M. F., Robinson, D. S., Ketcham, A. S., Moffat, F. L., & Clark, K. C. (1993). How coping mediates the effect of optimism on distress: a study of women with early stage breast cancer. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 65, 375-390. Curry, J. (2009) Examining Client Spiritual History and the Construction of Meaning: The Use of Spiritual Timelines in Counseling. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 4(2), 113-123. Frame, M. W., Uphold, C. R., Shehan, C. L., & Reid, K. J. (2005). Effects of Spirituality on Health-Related Quality of Life in Men with HIV/AIDS: Implications for Counseling, Counseling and Values, 50(1), 5-19. Gartner, J., Larson, D. B., & Allen, G. D. (1991). Religious commitment and mental health: A review of...
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