Spirituality and Art
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Spirituality in Art

“Spirituality is such a vibrant and integral part of our lives that even our changing times and all the apparent obstacles have not stifled the powerful partnership of spirituality and art in the modern era” Lynn M. Herbert. This essay will assess and discuss three contemporary artists that address the idea or concept of ‘spirituality’ in their work.

Spirituality is a term that lacks certain defiance or a definitive definition, although social scientists have defined spirituality as the search for ‘the scared’; which is broadly defined as that which is set apart from the ordinary. The term has changed throughout modern day society that it can now be classes as a separate entity from religion itself.

Three key contemporary artists that use their works to convey the message of spirituality are; Alex Grey- The Artists Hand, 1997, oil on wood, 16x16 inches; H.R Giger The Spell I, 1973, Acrylic, ink on wood 240x280cm and Cosima Lukashevich – The Oracle, 2009, Painting, Pastel on canvas 16 x 21.9 inches. Each one of these three pieces has a different take on what the artist personally believes spirituality is.

Alex Grey is that of a visionary artist best known for his depictions of the human body. The multiple layers of reality, revealing the complex integration of body, mind, and spirit has become his trademark in the 90’s. His paintings have been featured on various covers of albums and have been exhibited throughout the world. (Hagerty, 2006) The artist’s hand, 1997, holds a powerful instrument, here symbolized by a “Vajra brush,” is a means to awaken people to their own essence through the light of higher power. The history of art is an expression of universal creativity that invisibly surrounds and supports every creative action. The Vajra is a spiritual device, a thunderbolt scepter owned by the Hindu god Indra and adopted by the Buddhist sages as a symbol of the diamond-like clarity and brilliance of the mind’s true nature. (Alex

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