The Definition of Spirituality

Topics: Religion, God, Spirituality Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: September 25, 2010
As I begin to write my definition of spirituality I think of the changes I have made in the past six weeks. If six weeks ago you had asked me to articulate my definition of spirituality it most definitely would have been about my relationship with God, Jesus, and the Catholic religion of which I grew up in and still practice. Today I would begin by saying spirituality is a person’s experience of connectedness to a larger reality. I would also say that spirituality is a very individualized experience and each human experiences spirituality differently. During the past six weeks I have learned that spirituality is defined as a search within one’s self. I have always considered myself to be a spiritual person. I think that I often connected my spirituality to God and Jesus. Say for example I was out hiking and enjoying the beauty and wonder around me, I believe that this is a spiritual moment, but I believe I also connected that experience to the wonder of the lord. Although I connect my spirituality with my religious experience I am coming to understand that spirituality is a much bigger experience. It is an experience that can lie outside the boundaries of religion. As I have grown older and have learned more about other religions I see that fundamentally the great religions of the world all have very similar beliefs. It is how people interpret the Bible the Koran and other great books that differentiate the religions. Professionally I would define my job as a nurse as a job that involves much spirituality. I have always felt that many of my spiritual needs are met by the job that I do. To me as a nurse it has always been important for me to treat my patients like friends. To me this means taking care of all of their needs be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. I believe it is very important to help the patient with their spiritual needs. Many are at a time in their lives where they need guidance or believe that they need forgiveness. I have...
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