Special Gift

Topics: High school, Friendship, College Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: July 26, 2013
My First Day In High School
(by: Romhel Jay D. Lopez)

When I graduate in elementary the school I want to get in high school is Eastern Mindoro College or as known as E.M.C. Because they give a better teacher and wonderful event. So that why I want to study in this school. Day before the school year comes I buy my school supply and other material for school in the supermall .I’m so excited when I buy my school supply because it so wonderful and many other than when I was in Elementary. After I buy my school material me and my mother go to an restaurant for lunch in Jollibee I order spaghetti and sundae . Before we are done eating we went home to arrange my school supply and prepare my uniform . When everything was set and arrange I go up stair and sleep. My mother woke me up early to prepare for breakfast and for school . When my father sent me to school I am so nervous because I don’t know where my room are. I saw my best friend Riza Mey . She lead me to my room up stair of the high school department. When the teacher announce that we are not first year anymore, When I hear that I’m so shock I thought I’m lost I feel super nervous. But when the teacher said that we are also known as Grade 7 . Because of the government project K to 12. Another day in school I had my new friends Shenna,Christian ,Kristina and Other many more. When I had my new friend I am so comfortable because I had some friends to talk to and some friends who makes me laugh when I’m lonely. Every day I thank God For Giving Me Such A good FRIENDS.


Romhel Jay D. Lopez
Mam, Aida Dimaculangan
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