the struggles of starting a new school

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The Struggles of Starting a New School in Georgia
Emily Calice 1/11/14

School Gets Cancelled
As I was getting ready on a freezing cold Monday, My aunt picks up the phone and she found out that school gets canceled on Tuesday. I let out a big sigh of relief I was really nervous going to school thinking that I might not make friends or people would judge me. But also I am excited that I get to explore the school and get to know my teachers.

The Long Wait
On Wednesday me, my brother, my aunt, and my mother went to my brothers school Collins Hill High School. We were trying to register him but the Clerk said we had to go to The Student New Comers Center so he can take the ESOL test. The ESOL test stands for English Speakers of Other Languages. Me and brother both had to make sure if we had to take the test. So when we got there we gave all the papers to the clerk after a long wait Marcus had to take the test but not me because I didn’t need to. But the worst of being there is the long 3 hour wait. I was starving, bored, and tired; the room was so cold I felt like a Popsicle I couldn’t wait till I got out of there. Once I did we drove to Hibachi Buffet and we ate appetizing meal. Getting Enrolled In School

I wake up on a chilly Thursday, and I’m really nervous to go to school but I try to be composed and gratified so I can get through it smoothly. Once I get to the school and I notice how vast it is I can already see how crowded it would be and it made me even more nervous. When I enter the school and it looked elegant then when I walked into the principal’s office she got all the papers and explained to me about activities, electives, and to put me in classes to help me in subjects. Then I had to skip another day of school for her to be able to put my information in the computer.

The First Day Of School
Once I was getting ready for school officially. I was more confident than I thought. But deep down I felt nervous when my mom and my aunt dropped...
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