School Bag

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 Dear Mdm Brianne,

I am a P6 student from Keming Primary School. I am sending my piece of composition to you. ‘’Wake up! You are late for school already,’’ my mother shouted at me. I woke up and checked the time and it was still early. I went to the bathroom and showered I got out of the toilet and prepared for school. I walked to school and went to my classroom and realised that I was the earliest. I took out a book and read. My friends started coming in one by one and they were chit-chatting. The chatting stopped as our form teacher, Mrs Lau, walked into the class with a new pupil. She told the class that the pupil had just joined the school. Just then, one of my classmates, Jack, pointed at the pupil’s school bag and burst out laughing.’’Eew, where did you get that school bag from…the dustbin?’’ Jack asked her in a sarcastic manner. Soon, the entire class was laughing. She introduced herself at first and she told us that she was from Vietnam and she came from a poor family. She said that her late grandmother had given her the school bag. She burst into tears after telling us about her bag. She ran out of the classroom and went to the toilet. Our form teacher Mrs Lau followed her to the washroom. I felt so pitiful towards her after knowing that her bag was given to her by her late grandmother. Mrs Lau comforted the pupil and brought her to the classroom. Mrs Lau told Jack and the whole class to apologise to the pupil. The whole class decided to collect some money and save up to buy a new school bag for the pupil. Our form teacher was disappointed with our behaviour but after hearing that we were going to buy a bag for her, she was glad that we realised our mistakes. I felt bad as I was one of the students...
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