Spastic Society

Topics: Disability, Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation Pages: 5 (1633 words) Published: February 11, 2011
The Spastics Society of Karnataka is a  Non-Government Organisation (NGO) dedicated to the welfare of persons with Neuro-Muscular and Developmental Disabilities.  The Society provides a Comprehensive Package of Diagnostic and Intervention Services to persons with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Learning Disabilities.  Spastics Society of Karnataka (SSK) started off as a branch of the Spastics Society of India in the year 1982, and went on to become autonomous in the year 1994. SSK is located on a 5 acre campus, donated by the Government of Karnataka, in Indiranagar, in the garden city of Bangalore

The history goes way back to 1982 when a mother of a spastic child, Malini,  Mrs. Meethu Alur sowed the seed for existing SSK on the land which was provided to us by Government of Karnataka. Since then, this great tree of multiple services, interventions and programmes has grown. This beautiful banyanan tree with its columns of aerial roots give support to thousands of children with neuromuscular impairment and developmental disablities. Today we are serving 1300 children annually in our various subcenters and affiliated centers.

The nurturing of the seed to a beautiful banyan tree has happened due to the enduring services with involvement and affection by professionals, parents and volunteers and community and efforts of children themselves. Till date we have serviced around 20,000 children and families. Mission

Conscious, Conscientious and Constant endeavor in:
* Maximising the potential of children with special needs * Inclusiveness in all aspects of daily life
* Establising their rights to be part of the community.


To reach out to as many persons with disabilities who are neurologically impaired,mentally challenged or fall in to the category of Autism Spectrum Disorders through community based services.

To promote inclusive education and mainstream concepts in schools, colleges, technical education and job placement centres by establishing model programmes.

To accelerate disablity prevention by networking with health workers, women and children welfare units of Government of Karnataka.

To strengthen and support parent self help groups carrying out home based programs through out the state through internet as well as direct contact session specifically in the area of therapy and special education.

To promote community participation in caring for persons with disabilities especially in places of worship, public functions, cinema theatres, banks, transport terminals and other public places through Multimedia communication avenues.

Aditi Pratishtan,in Manipal,is a registered charitable trust.It was formed in 2004, by Sadhana Kini, B Ravindra Naik, Rajendra Ballal and Raju Pahuja. Its main objective is to empower persons with intellectual disability to come to mainstream society, by providing them need-based training,by identifying their hidden potential. Persons with intellectual disability have the potential to become independent and self sufficient. If they are given the right oppurtinities, they can achieve their goals and play an useful role in the society. SAMRUDH  is an outcome of Aditi Pratishtan. The belief of  everyone ,who is a part of Samrudh is “ When persons cannot learn the way you teach them,then teach them the way they can learn.” This is true of all persons,each person is different and learns things differently. When children or adults enjoy what they are learning ,then they learn and retain it easily.      22nd March was the first anniversary of Samrudh. The function was a very touching experience. Almost all the people present had known intellectual or physical disability at close quarters, so they could relate easily to each other. Some of the speakers were quite emotional while speaking. One of the chief guests very rightly said that the really disabled people are those who are 'normal', but parasites on their family and on...
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