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Question 2

Answer 2


Date: March 31, 2013

To: Brendan Smith
President, Spa Works

From:Vice President, IS

Subject:Advisory committee members – Integrated IS system for Spa Works

As per our discussion, I have compiled the list of people to be part of the advisory committee responsible for the new IS system to be implemented at Spa Works. These people will be the link between business and development needs of the new system. This project is being undertaken to streamline Spa Works reporting structure for better internal and external reporting and also to provide a competitive advantage by leveraging our business strategy to offer better and quality products and service to our customers. This new system will reduce the time and offer better quality financial reports, human resource reporting and will give Spa Works the ability to continually meet and support custom programs for customers.

As Spa Works continues to grow by expanding to new locations and acquiring competitors, this has resulted in a lot of legacy systems which are still in place among various locations. This slows down the day-to-day operations and reporting functionalities which delays critical decisions related to customer satisfaction and retention. By developing this new IS system we are looking to forge together existing systems and to better integrate and produce reports in a more timely fashion and also to assist in day-to-day operations by providing a reliable and accurate source of information. This new system will allow Spa Works to better allocate resources to address customer issues, generate real time financial and human resource reports to see the cost and value of people involved in day-to-day operations and to better forecast future requirements to better suit the customer preferences.

Please see below for the list of people who are to be part of the advisory committee:

1. Marketing director – One of the main purposes of the new system is to give sales and marketing department the ability to better track customer preferences in terms of services used, locations frequently visited, number of trips per customer and other data. All this information can be used by the sales and marketing department to better plan future spa experiences for our customers by offering customers the benefits and perks they desire. By addressing the little things of our existing customers like the kind of towel color they prefer, the oils and various spa needs of a particular customer, would help us in not only retaining these customers but also should help us in attracting more customers by having these existing customers tell positive and encouraging stories about their experiences. This will lead to Spa Works gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace as we will be the first to implement this customer relationship information system. 2. Finance director – With the implementation of this new system all of our existing locations will be able to send accounting and financial information back to head office in a more timely and reliable way. The new system will allow for information to be sent in pre-determined format which will be more easily and quickly translated into effective management reports helping in critical decision making. The new system will be better able to report on individual locations and separate financial reporting by segments; spas and fitness centers. This will enable management to see the profitable and struggling units and better address on how to make the non-performing units more viable. Also with future growth plans on the horizon, having a system to provide quick and reliable financial reports will enable Spa Works to present itself to potential investors in a favorable position by outlining the strength, effectiveness and timely reporting of financials. 3. Human resources director – Our human resource (HR) department handles many responsibilities including hiring,...
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