Southwestern Vermont Health Care Case Analysis

Pages: 5 (1138 words) Published: March 6, 2018

Like many corporation , there are positive and negative results to decisions made. Southwestern Vermont health care (SVHC) was going through a stage in which the communication system was changed. Working under the recession of 2007, the health care system has greatly impacted SVHC which they believed was the problem with the entire corporate. Instead , the problem was within the company and affected everyone in the corporation including managers and employees. The problem was more than bad communication; the issues accumulating with lack of communication was affecting the company more. The issues between lack of communication affecting SVHC were issues as such:
Survey for employees were too general instead of having separate
Not all staff...

The economic downfall led many more issues that did not help those that were supposed to be dealt with. The national health care system made very difficutl of the companyy to operate and gain profit. From the nation health care system before it was changed in 2011 SVHC was having decrese in financial gain. The employees were not reacting well due to the change from the system. After four years of a system that was used, the internal communication system was changed drastically. After several survey, the employee felt that morale of the company was negatively affected by this recession. Several employees began to lose their trust in the company because of the lack insurance they received. SVHC did not only have finical issues, the miscommunication coming from the managers side was technically frustrating the employees. Also the way the information were sent, led to disconnect between the mangers and the employees. The issues dealt with were such: overwhelm daily emails, broad imfonation , no recognizable communication system and haphazard...

Things such as Facebook was mainly around not only to read out to the mep,oeyes but the community as well. The made staff meetings , town halls. The silos were blocking the way hey were communicating from a macro perspective. ,angement palmed on decreasing clutter from communication channels such as emails , employees announcement and bullet board. since many of them did not have a way to communicate well outside of their company, the social media page helped. Another way was using supervisors as communication which makes things much easier for them because they are trusted by those below them compared to the upper...
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