Southwest Airlines and Cirque Du Soleil

Topics: Southwest Airlines, Cirque du Soleil, Airline Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: August 26, 2013
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AND CIRQUE DU SOLEILGROUP 1 SECTION B PGP1 Ideas for growing the Southwest Airlines business:
* Southwest Airlines is best in its customer service, but there are few points in which it can do further better. Currently it operates only in small and less congested cities, to cut down the cost. But to provide passengers a better connectivity, and facility to transfer the carrier, it can open up into big cities too. * Southwest Airlines is doing well with its strategy, it can make its foray into International Market too, to increase the horizontal domain of its business. * With the computerization era, since all the Airlines have moved into online booking system, Southwest Airlines should provide online booking facility to its customers. This will definitely increase its customer base and will suffice to fight the current market better. Also, it should enable advance booking of seats, as it will be an add-on service without any addition to cost.

Factors That Differentiated Southwest Airlines, apart from Lower Rates: * The main focus of Southwest Airline was on customer satisfaction. It had least passenger complaints and best report for on time performance. * Turn-around time for Southwest Airlines was 15 minutes as compared with industry average of 55 minutes, hereby increasing the productivity of its fleet. * With point to point connection, it offered better connectivity in short duration as compared to Hub-and-Spoke system.

Southwest Airlines and Cirque De Soleil(CDS)
* Both of them followed the Blue Ocean Strategy. Both came up with a unique innovative idea as compared to their competitors. The focus was on domain, not only on the Product. * Cirque du Soleil redefined the dynamics of a declining circus industry. The circus industry was a loser under conventional strategy analysis. Star performers had “supplier power” over the company. Alternative forms of entertainment, from sporting events to home...
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