South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study

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South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study

Mr. Larry Brownlow needs to decide whether or not to apply for the Coors distributorship in southern Delaware.

SWOT Analysis
This outlines the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats that will aid Mr. Brownlow in making a decision. Strengths
Coors brand is a well established brand
Product is profitable
Socially Responsible and “ Green” organization
There is a demand for the beer
Mr. Brownlow (Manager) has a personality that suits this type of business •The product is viewed as a quality product

Time constraint
Insufficient funds for an entire feasibility study
Pressures of his studies

To be the owner of a successful business
There is a market for the beer

Competition from similar beers that are already in the market •Competition from substitute products
Negative Attitude of some consumers to Coors’ corporate management •The product is viewed as a social ill

There are a number of alternative options available to Mr. Brownlow, he may; 1.Drop out of graduate school and conduct the study himself. 2.Invest his trust fund.
3.Continue with school and employ the services of Manson and Associates to conduct the feasibility research.

If Mr. Brownlow chooses to drop out of graduate school and conduct his own study he may be able to realise cost savings. However, owing to his inexperience in this field the quality of the study may be compromised. Dropping out of school will also give him the valuable time that is needed for him to analyse and determine what relevant information is needed therefore enabling him to make the proper decisions. By doing so, however, Larry would be forgoing his goal of achieving his MBA at this time when he has already invested time and money into achieving this. If Larry invests his trust fund income he would not only have his income but would earn additional...
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