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Always want something more, something new. Always keep an open mind; never think that you know everything. In life, a right decision has to be made at right time which I believe that I have done in choosing the graduate study. The remarkable advancement in the field of Electronics made me take up Electronics and Communication Engineering in my undergraduate study. My 4 years stint with Engineering was an amazing journey for me, where my dream of working on integrated chips, microcontrollers, microprocessors, Transistors and Diodes came true. When the ultimate objective is specialization, an undergraduate education is definitely deficient. A deeper understanding of the intricacies demands a research-oriented graduate education. I feel the need to take up graduate study as it would take me closer to the kind of technical expertise I require, to fulfill my academic and professional goals. The undergraduate courses in the field have given me a comprehensive knowledge in the course such as Electronic Devices, microprocessors and controllers, linear and digital IC applications, VLSI, Analog and Digital Communications, Digital Signal and Image Processing. Apart from these I have good knowledge of Network Analysis, Computer Organization, C, Data Structures, Operating Systems, VHDL and MATLAB. Moreover my undergraduate course was not limited to theoretical knowledge but accentuated on the practical exposure of the concepts learnt which further went hand in hand with suitable projects. My First project was ‘Time Based Power Saving Systems in corporate Roadways’ whose main theme of the project is to control the switching of Street Lights automatically according to the timings like day time or night time. This allows us to realize the task efficiently and effectively without the intervention of human by making it automated and even we can avoid unnecessary wastage of power by switching it off at right time. My project was ’GSM Based Locker...
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