Sonya Kovalevsky

Topics: Karl Weierstrass, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Mathematics Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: June 5, 2005
Sonya Kovalevsky was born on January 15, 1850 in Moscow, Russia. She grew up in a very intellectual family. Her father was a military officer and a landholder; her mother was the granddaughter of a famous Russian astronomer and an accomplished musician. She grew up living a lavish life, and was first educated by her uncle, who read her fairy tales, taught her chess, and talked about mathematics. She even bumped into the subject of trigonometry while studying elementary physics. She achieved all of this by the age of thirteen. At age 15 she had studied the topics of mathematics, literature, medicine, and physics. She wanted to excel mainly in literature and mathematics and pursue college career. But ever since 1863, Russian universities had been closed to women. If you were an unmarried Russian woman at this time, you were not allowed to travel freely. Sonya wanted to study mathematics abroad, but her father would not let her. His extent was to allow her to study calculus under a private tutor at the naval school of St. Petersburg. Because she could not pursue her dreams as planned, she organized for a "platonic" marriage, which was basically for intellectual convenience. When Sonya was 18, she married Vladimir Kovalevsky, and brought her sister to move with them, again, for intellectual purposes. To her disappointment, Sonya realized she couldn't pursue every part of her educational career, so she stayed with her first love, mathematics. Her husband, Vladimir, went on to study paleontology and left her. She had many struggles trying to receive higher education because of the restrictions women had when it came to furthering ones education. But after many attempts, she was able to study with the great German mathematician Karl Weierstrass. She worked with him for the next four years and then in 1874, received her doctorate. By this time, she had published numerous original papers in the field of higher mathematical analysis and applications to...
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