Andrea Yates

Topics: Plea, Murder, Andrea Yates Pages: 11 (551 words) Published: April 20, 2015
By: Katie King

Andrea Yates has no
remorse or justification
for lives she stole from

Andrea’s Basic Information
 DOB: July 2,1964
 Hometown: Clear

Lake, Texas
 Diagnosed with
depressive disorder
 In 1999, she tried
stabbing herself,
and got admitted to
Memorial Spring
Shadows Glen.

 She was then

prescribed Haldol
 She clearly had
mental issues

Leading up to the Murder
 After her second son Noah, she

started seeing violent visions of
people getting stabbed.
 She thought she heard Satan talk
to her, but she kept it to herself.
 She also, started thinking bout
hurting her children

Leading up to the Murder

Rusty found Andrea shaking and chewing on her

 He brought her to her mothers house to calm down.

She then tried to kill herself with her fathers medicine.
 Finally received help and got prescribed Zoloft for


The Murders
 On June 20, 2001, she drowned all of her 5 children one

by one in your bathtub.
 Noah(7), John(5), Paul(3), Luke(2), and Mary (6 months)
 Noah saw Mary in the bathtub surrounded by feces; he

started to run but Andrea caught him and drowned him
in the tub floating next to Mary

 When the police asked

her who killed them?
She bluntly said she did.
 He asked her why?, And
she said it was because
she was a bad mother
 She wanted to be
punished, and that it
was a way to receive

She said her
children weren't

 At first she didn’t

want to plead
guilty or no
 She was sentenced
to life in prison for
the murders of her
5 children

 The second trial,

(2006) she
pleaded guilty by
reason of insanity
 She now can leave
jail and go to a
mental hospital
 $200,000 bond for
her to be released

10 years Later
 She is requesting a

I personally don’t
believe that she
should be able to
leave the hospital
at all, she has
proven to the court
and the national
community that
she is a danger to

pass to go to church for
two hours a week
 She's been in a mental
hospital since the last
trial, and her attorney
thinks it should be


Freedom-Shut Down
 Her request to go to church was

turned down by the judge
 Her case is being evaluated every
 She needs some body making sure
she takes her medication, so she
doesn’t have another incident

 Andrea yates

feels she did the
right thing by
drowning her
 She has no
remorse for the
crimes she

 I feel that she

should have
received harsher
 She should
never be allowed
to live on her

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