Sony Vaio Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents
1.0 Executive summary:3
2.0 Introduction:3
3.0 Situation analysis:3
4.0 Macro-Environmental (PEST) Analysis:4
4.1 Political:5
4.2 Economic:5
4.3 Social Factors:5
4.4 Technological factors:5
5.0 SWOT Analysis:6
5.1 Strengths:6
5.2 Weaknesses:6
5.3 Opportunities:7
5.4 Threats:7
6.0 Marketing Strategy7
6.1 Mission:7
6.2 Marketing Objectives8
6.3 The First year Objectives:8
6.4 Target Market - Asian Market:8
6.5 Positioning:9
7.0 Marketing Mix:9
7.1 Product:9
7.2 Price:10
7.3 Place:10
7.4 Promotion:11
7.5 Current Trend:11
8.0 Financial Analysis:12
9.0 Conclusion:12
10.0 References:12

1.0 Executive summary:
With the increase in the growth of youth population, the demand for the use of portable devices has increased resulting in the evolution of laptops, playstations, mp3 players and other devices. We people from Sony would like to introduce a new product into the market which would be an integration of playstation and a normal laptop, the first of its kind in the world. The way we introduce the product in the market, our positioning and the marketing techniques would be discussed further. 2.0 Introduction:

Nowadays, no teenager can be found without the influence of technology. In such a market, when the products are from a top brand like SONY, then people tend to prefer its products. VAIO, is a sub-brand of Sony’s products, computers. The VAIO brand was established round the world in the year 1996 with a series of desktops. Now, there is a wide range of laptops under the brand.

The play station is a 32 bit fifth generation video gaming console released by SONY in December 1994. This was the first series of the play station series released in Japan. Later it had upgrades like play station 2, etc., and play station portable. We would be proposing the integration of play station and laptop which will be a big hit in the world market especially Singapore, India, US and the UK. This integration of play station inside the laptop will reduce the need to buy two different items for playing high definition 3D games. 3.0 Situation analysis:

Currently, we have the option of connecting the play station to the laptop in order to experience enlightened gaming experience. But, this won’t be able to fulfil the needs to the fullest as the performance would depend on the compatibility of the laptop and the play station. On providing such a product to the users, the product will be a huge innovation in the consumer market since a lot of people have the requirement for this two in one mechanism. The figure below depicts the increase in the laptop sales compared to the PC sales over the years. This provides evidence for the customer base available for the product.

Figure 1: PC vs. laptop sales (Source: IDC tracker)

The macro-environmental and the micro-environmental factors which may influence the existence of the firm would be discussed. 4.0 Macro-Environmental (PEST) Analysis:
The external Macro-Environmental factors that may affect the firm are * Political
* Economic
* Social
* Technological
4.1 Political:
Political factors include both government regulations and legal issues. Some of the key factors in this head could be Tax policy – Whenever the government plans to increase or decrease tax on the products, then there might be an impact on the total sales of the product. Trade restrictions and tariff – When there are trade restrictions levied then there would be problems in bringing the product to the customers. Environmental regulations – The product that we manufacture would abide by all the environmental regulations. 4.2 Economic:

The economic factors affect the purchasing power of the buyers and the cost of capital of the firm. The main factors that would indulge in the economic macro – environmental issues are Economic Growth – When there is economic growth prevailing, then the purchasing power of the...

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