Sony Analysis

Topics: Magic: The Gathering sets, Sony, Change management Pages: 11 (3387 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Question 14
1.Change in structure;5
2.Change in technology;5
3.Change in people;6
Question 27
A.Internal factors7
I.New equipment7
II.New organization strategy and structure8
III.Financial conflicts8
B.External factors8
IV.Change in consumer needs and wants9
V.Change in technology;9
VI.Market place;9
Question 310
Lewin’s three step model;10
Kotler’s 8 steps change model12
a.Establish sense of urgency;13
b.Forming a coalition13
c.Developing a vision13
d.Communicate the vision13
e.Empowering broad-based decisions;13
f.Generate short term wins13
g.Build on the change14
h.Anchor the changes in corporate culture14
Question 415
Sources of change in Sony15
i.Fear of the unknown;15
ii.Fear of redundancy15
iv.Corporate history and culture;16
Solution to resistance;17
v.Educate and communicate17
viii.Manipulation and co-optation;17

Sony is a widely known electronic company which was founded in 1946 by Masuru Ibuka and Akio Morita in Tokyo (www The company produces a wide variety of digital products. Question 1
Change is often defined as the act of making or becoming different. It can also be referred to as a situation whereby a company moves from its current state to a visionary state. Change as explained by (Mullins, 2005) is “a persuasive influence, which is an inescapable part of both organisational and social life, thus we are all subject to continual change in one way or another”. Therefore company change could be referred to as any alteration of people, structure or technology in an organisation. This is a constant factor in all organisations, since it can’t be ignored and as such all managers need to understand it and know how to react towards it since it is inevitable, and it brings about innovation. The following paragraphs below are going to discuss the various types of change which have taken place in the Sony Company. Change as a whole takes place either consciously or unconsciously within all organisation bodies, and it is often there to enable the various firms avoid threats or to help them grab new opportunities available to them. For organisational change to take place the need to be a change agent who is the person responsible for the change, that is manage and initiate it. In the Sony industry the change was implemented by the new manager who acted as the change agent, there are three main types of changes which have taken place in this industry this include change in structure, technology and also people, as shown on the diagram, |

1. Change in structure;
Organisation structure is the formal arrangement of jobs in the organisation; it also embodies its work specialisation, decentralisation, centralisation, span of control, chain of command, and departmentalization, (Robbins et al, 1999). As such structural change refers to any modification in the company’s authority relationships, coordination mechanisms and reporting procedures. The change in structure in Sony can been seen with the shift from a decentralize decision making where each unit had its own planning and sales function unit to a more centralise one by creating a central decision making authority over key areas, this help to increase efficiency and decision making process. The change in structure was very essential since it would create flatter company structures and will increase collaboration between the various Sony plants.

2. Change in technology;
Technology refers to the various high technological equipment’s or advanced processes and methods employed by the firm to carry out various task, this business processes need to be flexible so that they can easily be altered. A technical change therefore involves alterations in the various business processes, methods and...
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