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It is always said that efficient work is nothing but mutual coordination between two or more people.For me, it was a very difficult real time project without the help of people surrounding me.It is a great pleasure to acknowledge my deep sense of gratitude to my report guide and referredmentorMR.SUBOROTTO SINHA (Regional Manager- Marketing, UP & UTT)for his valuablesupport and guidance that geared the work into a proper channel that is demanded. The knowledgeoffered was from the repository of his vast experience. He gave me much needed  

valuable advice,positive, criticism, suggestions and constant encouragement through discussions.  
I would also like to thank MR. RAMGOPAL (Sr. General Manager- Marketing, UP & UTT)andMR.SANDEEP SETHI (General Manager- Marketing, UP & UTT)for the knowledge provided andmarketing assistance, that helped me to sharpen my skills and inspired me to work on this project.Finally, I thankful to all of them who directly or indirectly helped me in the completion of the reportsuccessfully, for without their help, this project would not have seen the “LIGHT OF THE DAY…”


er 3
year of B.Tech curriculum of an Engineering College is of greatsignificance. The Training provides:
Aims at making one aware of industrial environment which means that one gets to know thelimitation, constraint and freedom under which the engineer works.b)  
Exposure to Industrial Environment, Marketing and Management Technique.c)  
An opportunity to undertake project work relating to real technical problems.d)  
To check the relationship between the theory and the practicee)  
An opportunity to watch from close quarter that indicates manager relation.f)  
This also helps the trainee to know how to work on a particular segment to get the bestenvironment. PRANEET SINGH AHUJA

Project heading.3)
Introduction to Tractor Industry(ITL- International Tractors Limited)4)  
Welcome to Key Survey and Study.a)
Definition of Tractor?b)
Basic of choosing a tractor.c)
Key consideration and application.d)
Horse power needed.e)
Tractor dealer.5)
Usage of tractors in Modern times.6)
India Tractor Market.7)
Tractor Industry in India8)
Indian Tractor Industry (its Basic Structure).9)
Industry market share.10)
Various competitors (its Overview).11)
District Ghaziabad( its Overview).12)
RTO analysisa)
District overview.b)
Tehsil overview.c)
Dealership overview.d)
Summary data analysys.e)
Actions taken.f)
RTO data comparison(08-09).g)
RTO data comparison(09-10).13)
The Rationales.14)

Established in 1969, Sonalika group from the very beginninghastried to understand customer need so that they get better value for their money, hard earned.Sonalika has stateof manufacturing, spread in acres, located at Hoshiarpur and tax free zone at AMBin Himachal Pradesh.Sonalika is the one of the top 3 tractor manufacturing companies in India, other products include of,Multi utility vehicles, engines and various farm equipments. Today the group stands tall with anapproximate turnover of 3200 Core INR. An average growth of 30% makes it one of the fastestgrowing corporate in India. Its is also one of the few debt free companies.Group has strength of about 2000 employee & technocrats. History reveals that innovation is the keyto continued progress and when applied to technology that touches human life, it can unfold a wholenew economic phenomenon that has the power to change the world.With unique initiatives like the Thought leadership Forum, Leadership Forum, sonalika have beenable to create a unique platform for learning through success stories of industry leaders. “No, doubt that the sonalika products has...
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