Coca Cola Distribution Network

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A Project Report

Submitted to:
Ms. Reenu Kalani

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Owais Shafi Wani
Roll No. 08-AEMU-MBA-023

I would hereby like to thank my project guide, Ms. Reenu Kalani (Faculty-Marketing), for giving her valuable guidance and assistance during the course of this study. Her inputs were of great help with respect to the selection of the topics and also for the preparation of the project report on the same.

Here I would also to mention that I have made my sincere efforts to present the project scenario and the progress made on it so far. Thus, any deficiency in this project may kindly be excuse.

Owais Shafi Wani

This is to certify that the project titled “DISTRIBUTION NETWORK OF COCA-COLA” Submitted by: Owais Shafi Wani for the award of degree of MBA in Marketing is a record of research work carried by him. He worked under my guidance and has fulfilled the requirements for the submission of his project report, which to my knowledge has reached the requisite standards.

Ms. Reenu Kalani
Ansal Institute of Technology


Chapter One: IntroductionPage No
1.1 Background and History of the Coca Cola System6
1.1.1 Coca Cola in India11
1.1.2 Present profile of Coca Cola and its future plans in India12 1.1.3 Past History of Associated Beverages Pvt. Ltd.15
1.1.4 Present Profile and Future Plans of Associated Beverages Pvt. Ltd.17 1.1.5 The 3 A’s Strategy19
1.1.6 The Manufacturing Process of Coca Cola Brands20
Chapter Two: Objective Of the Project
2.1 Need of the Project and its Significance22
2.2 Scope of the Project - Extent and Limitations25
Chapter Three: Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design26
3.2 Data Collection Sources27
3.3 Data Collection Methods and Instruments28
3.4 Sampling Plan30
3.5 Fieldwork Plan32
Chapter Four: Findings and Analysis
4.1 Findings from Questionnaire33
4.2 Analysis36
Chapter Five: Conclusions and Recommendations
5.1 Conclusions40
5.2 Recommendations42

Questionnaire for Consumers of Soft Drinks45
Slogans Used to Advertise Coca Cola over the Years48
Field Work Schedule
Coca Cola’s Bottling Plants All over India47

“Coca Cola stands today as the second most widely understood term in the world after ‘Okay’.” ( Richard Tedlow, New and Improved : The Story of Mass marketing in America). The Coca-Cola Company has come a long way since Dr. John Styth Pemberton invented it in 1886 to being the world’s most recognised brand. It was Mr. Robert W. Woodruff, as president of the Coca-Cola Company, who brought Coca-Cola to the international market, He had set three goals for the company viz., •Trained Personnel

Customer Service
Quality Product.
Even after 80 years these three goals are still part of the formula for success. Mr. Robert W. Woodruff also had a vision i.e. “To place Coca Cola within an arm’s reach of desire. This literally means to make Coca-Cola products available to consumers whenever and wherever they might desire a drink. The Coca-Cola company is a truly global beverage company in the sense that it advertises in more than 650 dialects, conducts business in 46 currencies and pays taxes to more than 195 national governments. Coca-Cola has even been on the moon! The Coca Cola Company is organised into two business sector: •The International Business Sector

The North American Business sector.
The International Business Sector is divided into four groups: •The Africa Groups
The Greater Europe Group
The Latin America Group
The Middle and Far East Group
Coca-Cola India comes under the Middle and Far East Group. Each group within the International Business sector has its unique challenges and...

Bibliography: Coca Cola returned to India on the 24th October, 1993 after 16 years of absence. The city of Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal and for many the most enduring image of India, was chosen as the symbolic location for the relaunch.
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