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Project Report- Yomari
Management Information System

Submitted by: The Power puff Girls


Submitted To:
Ms. Sidney Ward
Facilitator, Management Information System
Kathmandu College of Management

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kathmandu University School of Management for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to apply our theoretical knowledge into the practical world and enhance our knowledge. This report is designed to help readers understand the information system of Yomari Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. Many respective persons have devoted their precious time and effort in the course of completing this project. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of them and express that we are immensely thankful for their cooperation and support. We would like to express sincere gratitude to our professor, Ms. Sidne Ward for assisting us in the preparation of this report and for clarifying concepts related to the project. We would like to thank her for assigning this project to us and for assisting with relevant information duly required for the same. We would also like to thank Ms. Sajina Sharma and Mr. Ramesh Shakya of Yomari for their valuable insights and time. Thank you!

The document is a report based on the findings and analysis of the information system of Yomari Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. As part of our MAS 530 Group Project, we have carried out the project and have come up with this report. The report basically introduces the organization with a brief description about Yomari Inc. along with its mission statement and the business strategy it follows. Further we move on to the analysis of the IT industry in Nepal with the help of Porters Five Forces Model as well as analyze its business environment (internal/external) through SWOT analysis. With the help of the data collected during the organization visit, we have been able to analyze its core information system that the organization uses for its overall management which is the major part of the project and which is explained in detail in the later sections of the report. Lastly, we have tried, to the best of our knowledge, to come up with some recommendations that we believe is best for the organization, after recognizing the gaps, based on our analysis of the organization.

“We make technology work for you. That’s all”. ----- Mr. Dipesh Pradhan (CEO, Yomari Inc.) Yomari Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. with the slogan “Solutions for your information” provides cutting-edge solutions to organizations for which efficient management and effective dissemination of information are important. Established since 1997, with just four partners, trying their luck in the booming IT industry, today Yomari has been successful in serving over 300+ government, non-profit and business organizations. Yomari’s services focus on supporting small and large companies, government and private companies, national and international companies with their management information and data through portal-based solutions and data warehouses. Its core proficiency lies in designing, development, and deployment of high-end sophisticated web-based information systems. With the organization functioning over 15 years, excelling throughout these years with more than 200+ employees, Yomari is considered as an industry expertise of Nepal in providing web-based database driven custom application development, web portals development, web hosting, annual maintenance and support services and acting as a liaison for foreign companies seeking business in Nepal. - Yomari Inc. (2013)

The organization is committed towards understanding the unique technological needs of its clients and providing them the best possible solutions through a team of talented and experienced IT professionals, who can provide high quality services and solutions and dedicated software and system engineers to deliver 24×7 support to clients, also...
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