Some People Think That All Law Breakers Should Be Sent to Prison. Imprisonment Is the Most Popular Major Penalty for Law Breakers in Many Countries in the World. Instead of Being Sent to Prison, I Think That There Are

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Every country in the world has its own law, but there would always be a person as law breaker who violates the law. Some people think that all law breakers should be sent to prison. Imprisonment is the most popular major penalty for law breakers in many countries in the world. Instead of being sent to prison, I think that there are better alternatives for first time offender.

The main reason of sending all of the lawbreakers into the prison are the public will become more safety and reduce the crimes rate in society. For example, an individual is caught killing a person, but that individual does not receive prison time. The likelihood of a repeat crime will grows exponentially. Besides the crimes of killing a person are robbing the house, the others crimes like raping a woman or girl, and assault robbery at gunpoint where the victims are badly harmed either physically or mentally, the criminals should be sent to the prison. Therefore, to assure a pattern of peace in the community, law breakers should to be removed from society to protect law-abiding citizens. Furthermore, most of the law breakers usually lack of proper education during their young ages. Nowadays, the main purpose in the prisons is rehabilitation. Actually, the goal of prison is not only punish the law breakers but they also rehabilitate the law breaker. They are tried to help an inmate has a higher chance of reentering society upon release and functioning without criminal activity. The rehabilitation programs contain educational, spiritual, work and transitional programs. While serving time in prison, inmates can be earning their Graduation Equivalency Diplomas. It is beneficial to the inmates to wisely use their time in constructive and positive ways.

Every one of
us will make mistake, no one is perfect. You must think that if all of the law breakers must send to prisons, the prisons must be full. Most of the countries are using cost to the taxpayer to operating prisons. There should be...
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