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Just Keep Taxes Low
Even though privatizing prisons is considered morally wrong by many people, these prisons are supervised by the state, have the government’s permission to operate, and they exist because public jails cannot handle the number of prisoners. The main reason I support prison privatization is because they reduce taxes. First, since they are not part of the government’s property citizens don’t have to pay for them to operate and more money could be used to build other things such as schools and hospitals. Secondly, these prisons also usually operate as efficiently as the state’s jails and have lower costs per prisoner. Thirdly, they create competition and motivate public prisons to also lower their costs. I am going to explain all of my reasons in the order that I named them.

We should always look at private prisons as an extension of the prisons managed by the government. There is many guards in private prisons that also work for the government and these prisons are periodically supervised by the state. Really ask yourself if private prisons would exist if the government did not want them to. So, if you support the state’s prisons then you’re also supporting their extensions which are the private prisons. In other words, private prisons would not exist if the government did not want them to in the first place. “In all, about 2.2m Americans fester behind bars: one in every 107 adults” (Holder). The state seeks for external help because they simply cannot handle all of the prisoners.

“ … private prison corporations such as Geo Group claim to provide savings of up to 30 percent below what it costs to house these offenders in public prisons” (Simons). If all prisons were owned by the state, taxes would just be way too high and this would cut down massively the government's income. This would reduce the number of benefits for regular citizens such as public schools, universities, libraries, parks, new roads and other ways of transportation...
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