Some People Are Born Winners

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Some People Are Born Winners
A simple definition of the word winner is somebody that is successful. In our society we have constructed an unwritten classification of who we consider successful, and since the words success and winner have the same meaning, we therefore also have an unwritten classification of who we consider to be winners. This is something that most people know, but have those people actually taken the time to look deeply into others and see how winners are born, better yet, have they considered the idea that not all winners are born, some people are just born winners.

I would assume that the first classification of people that would come to mind in most people is the wealthy. Our minds are set up to believe that in order to succeed in life, a person would need to be wealthy. The children who are born from a wealthy family have an advantage on those who come from a less wealthy family because, as they mature into adults, they don’t have to spend time thinking of a plan to build their finances up. In most cases, the wealthy parents of their maturing children will set aside money for them to receive at the proper age. Because of this fact, the wealthy are considered to be born winners.

Although most people would assume that to be born a winner, that person’s family would have to be wealthy, but that isn’t always true. In most cases, this is true, Burris 2
but there are some situations where that isn’t the case. For example, children who were born into a well known family could be considered born a winner also. If one of the child’s family members is well known for some sort of outstanding achievement that they have accomplished over the years, for instance, superior athleticism, dedicated community involvement, incredible heroics, astonishing academics, or something of this nature, then that particular could essentially be considered born a winner also. The reason being is...
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