Gen/200 Week 5 Essay Personal Responsibility

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Success Is An Option I Choose

November 11, 2012
Professor John Kennedy

Success Is An Option I Choose

It is possible to be born into a successful family, but it is not possible to be born successful. The responsibility of being successful falls greatly upon me as an individual. While others can give an opinion, theory, or share their beliefs it is ultimately up to me to make my own decisions. At most I can adopt someone’s beliefs, I can imitate their actions, or even mimic their behaviors, but no one else is responsible for what happens in my life. It is up to me to put forth the hard work and dedication to reach the level of success that I desire. It is my personal responsibility to choose the path for my life and I choose success. I believe I have some good qualities that will help me to achieve my overall goal of being successful in everything that I do. The fact that I have the discipline to dedicate myself to any particular task is a great trait. While I know discipline and dedication are two great individual traits when they are combined I like to believe the meaning changes. To me it means that no matter the obstacles large or small, difficult or easy, I will stare down the face of challenges and not give in or up until my task is complete and obligation is fulfilled. The Ethical Lens Inventory (2012) says that my classical value is fortitude, “You demonstrate courage and steadiness in the face of obstacles”. This is a fair assessment of my personality. I will always fight for what I stand for and or believe in. Another trait I have that I think is important to my success is my willingness to learn from others. For every circumstance there is a negative and or positive and you I can learn from both. We have all heard the saying “You have to be a good follower to be a good leader.” There is no way you can acquire a managerial position and be good at it without being under an example of a good leader. So with the willingness to...

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