Topics: Somalia, War, Horn of Africa Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Since 1839 Somalia has had one type of conflict or another because of where is sits on the Horn of Africa. The natural ports Somalia has was always an attractive coastline for those sailing from India. But the interior of Somalia where left to their own devices. The British, French, Italians and Ethiopians have all laid claim to parts of Somalia at different times throughout history. Somalia as a country has never truly be run by one leader with the country’s best interests in mind. With the full-scale civil war that breaks out in 1991 and the rebels declaring its independence from the British in Somaliland, Somalia’s crops were destroyed in 1992 bringing widespread famine to the country. During this civil war there are fifteen different groups vying for power. Peace and War

Up to this point even with war going on around different parts of the country, the Somali never relied on foreign aid for survival. Since the country has never known any kind of peace in the modern world there is no way to compare what foreign aid would be like during this time. Since the 1990’s till now Somalia has received some type of foreign aid. “It is reported the Richard Burton once said Arabs called Somalia Bilad Wa issi, the land of give me something!” (Ahmed, 2014)

With the current climate civil unrest within Somalia it is difficult to get aid to those who need it. One group, Al-Shabaab, is a group along the lines of Al-Qaeda which the U.S. considers a terrorist group prevents food and medical supplies from reaching those in need of it. There is over a billion dollars in aid designated for the Horn of Africa, $580 million of that from the U.S. alone, but most of the food and other materials are either stolen or taken by corrupt officials within the country’s government. Making matters worse is the distrust between Islamic groups and the U.S. The other warring fraction within Somalia is the Federal Transitional Government (FTG). Experts believe that if they...
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