Can Sudan Split Without Falling Apart?

Topics: United States, Sudan, Southern Sudan Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: February 15, 2013
“Can Sudan Split Without Falling Apart”

1. The fact that families like Achai Chol’s are leaving northern Sudan indicates that the people would rather be in southern Sudan fighting for southern independenceto stopthe imminent war and creating a better life for them and their families.

2. The thesis of the article is that Sudan has been politically unstable over the period of its two long civil wars. The south did not identify with the Arab led Sudanese society and created a referendum on southern independence. The two halves of the nation fight in an imminent war killing millions while trying to resolve the issues.

3. The size of Sudan is big compared to other African nations. Sudan is Africa’s biggest country.

4. The two halves of the nation differ in culture, race and religion.

5. In Sudan’s history, the United State’s brokered a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to end more than half a century of conflict, creating an autonomous southern region and holding out the option of secession if the south so chose.

6. The south chose to agree to the CPA to separate the south from the north.

7. The words of Kiir Mayardit, “This is the final part of our journey,” are inherent compared to the direct quotes in the first two paragraphs because they are saying that south Sudan is their home, the place where they belong, and the place that they want to fight for.

8. Mutual reliance is when two sides are interdependent on each other. Where there is a relationship in which each member is mutually dependant on the other.

9. The first sentence of paragraph six “But if Sudan’s history makes dividing the nation seem an obvious solution, drawing a line in the sand is not as easy as it sounds” is saying that it is obvious that Sudan should be divided, but it’s not possible to just draw a line between the north and the south. It requires negotiating, which they are not willing to compromise to.

10. Parts of the north...
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