Solid control Equipment

Topics: Liquid, Condensed matter physics, Drilling technology Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: August 20, 2014
In the mud solid phase, we can according to their function can be divided into two classes. One kind is useful solid phase, such as bentonite, chemical treatment agent, barite powder, etc; Another kind is useless solid phase, such as drilling cuttings, inferior bentonite, sand, etc. So-called drilling fluid solids control, is to eliminate the harmful solid phase, save useful solid phase to meet the requirements of drilling technology to drilling fluid performance.

The importance value of the solid control are getting attention, it has become a direct impact on safety, high quality and high efficiency drilling and reservoir protection of important factor. Solid control is one of the important means for optimizing drilling. Do a good job in solid control will provide necessary conditions for scientific drilling.

If we do the correctly solids control can reservoir protection, reduce drilling torque and friction, reduce the pressure fluctuation of annular pump, reduce the possibility of differential pressure sticking, improve drilling speed, extend the service life of drill bit, reduce wear of equipment, pipe, improve the service life of wearing parts, drilling fluid circulation system increases the stability of borehole, improve the casing conditions, reduce environmental pollution, reduce drilling costs, etc.

The scene statistical data show that in the range of the low density drilling fluid solid content in each reduced by 1%(it‘s equivalently to reduce 0.01 in drilling fluid density) average in soft formation of penetration can be increased by 8% or so. Thus it can be seen that do well the benefit gained by the solids control is very significant.
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