Software Engineering

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The Requirements Analysis Phase begins when the previous phase objectives have been achieved. Documentation related to user requirements from the Concept Development Phase and the Planning Phase shall be used as the basis for further user needs analysis and the development of detailed requirements. Multiple-release projects require only one iteration of the Requirements Analysis Phase, which should involve requirements definition for all planned releases. 1.0


Objectives Successful completion of the Requirements Analysis Phase should comprise: • Definition of approved requirements • Creation of the System Requirements Document and Requirements Traceability Matrix • Development of planned test activities • Approval to progress to the Design Phase Goals The purpose of the Requirements Analysis Phase is to transform the needs and high-level requirements specified in earlier phases into unambiguous (measurable and testable), traceable, complete, consistent, and stakeholder-approved requirements. 2.0


SDLC deliverables help State agencies successfully plan, execute, and control IT projects by providing a framework to ensure that all aspects of the project are properly and consistently defined, planned, and communicated. The SDLC templates provide a clear structure of required content along with boilerplate language agencies may utilize and customize. State agencies may use formats other than the templates, as long as the deliverables include all required content. . The development and distribution of SDLC deliverables: • Ensure common understanding among Planning Team members and stakeholders, • Serve as a reminder of specified plans as projects become increasingly complex, • Provide agency senior management and other State officials insight into project risks and ongoing performance, • Encourage the execution of repeatable and consistent processes, • Facilitate the implementation of project management and agency IT best practices, and • Result in a comprehensive record of project performance useful for many purposes (e.g. staff knowledge transfer, budgetary and other assessment activities, lessons learned). During the development of documentation, the Planning Team should: • Write comprehensive, easy to understand documents with no redundant information. • Develop an organized document repository for critical project information, so Planning Team members can easily access, store, and reference project documents and other deliverables from all life cycle phases.

Multiple Release Hardware

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Phase 4: Requirements Analysis

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Implement routine deliverable reviews to correct inaccuracy, incompleteness, and ambiguities. Recognize that sample templates for deliverables are available; agencies might accept deliverables in different formats as long as all required information is present. The content of these deliverables might expand or shrink depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the project. Recycle or reference information from earlier documents where possible and beneficial.

The following is a listing of deliverables required of all projects for this phase of work. Deliverable Concept of Operations (ConOps) - describes the characteristics of the proposed system from the users’ perspectives. Goals • • Describe operational scenarios of system functions Identify modes of operation Developed By Approved By

Planning Team Agency CIO Project Sponsor Business Owner Project Manager Planning Team Agency CIO Project Sponsor Business Owner Project Manager

• System Requirements Document (SRD) - a formal statement of a system’s requirements, including, but • not limited to: functional requirements, data requirements, system interface requirements, non-functional or operational requirements, and physical requirements. Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) - a table that links requirements to their origins...
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