Basic Software Development Life Cycle

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Date:3rd Quarter, 2009

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Subject:Basic Software Development Life Cycle.

A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Synonyms include software life cycle and software process. There are several models for such processes, each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that take place during the process. Software Development Life Cycle

The Software Development Life Cycle is a step-by-step process involved in the development of a software product. It is also denoted as Software Development process in certain parts of the world. The whole process is generally classified into a set of steps and a specific operation will be carried out in each of the steps. Classification

The basic classification of the whole process is as follows
• Planning
• Analysis
• Design
• Development and Implementation
• Testing
• Deployment
• Maintenance
Each of the steps of the process has its own importance and plays a significant part in the product development. The description of each of the steps can give a better understanding. Planning
This is the first and foremost stage in the development and one of the most important stages. The basic motive is to plan the total project and to estimate the merits and demerits of the project. The Planning phase includes the definition of the intended system, development of the project plan, and Parallel management of the plan throughout the proceedings of the development. A good and matured plan can create a very good initiative and can positively affect the complete project. Analysis

The main aim of the analysis phase is to perform statistics and requirements gathering. Based on the analysis of the project and due to the influence of the results of the planning phase, the requirements for the project are decided and gathered. Once...
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