Bis 220 Week 4 Team Summary

Topics: Microsoft Office, Systems Development Life Cycle, Project management Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Week 4 Summary
Learning Team C
March 12, 2012
Rita Solomon-Moore

Week Four Summary
In week four material we learned about IT projects and how crucial and essential these projects are to a business. We learned the importance of these projects and project management. A key point discussed in week four material is project planning and the triple constraints of project management. The triple constraints of project managements include the time, scope, and cost of a project. Every project also should be assessed using five steps or stages: * Project Initiation

* Project Planning
* Project Execution
* Project Monitoring and Control
* Project Completion
We also learned about business programs and gained an understanding of the technical side and the many different steps required to build a successful program. Deciding on a type of program depends on a few important steps. There are different models an organization can utilize to assist in project management and execution. The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is an example of one way that companies use different steps to decide which program to use. The lifecycle involves six stages the systems investigation, systems analysis, systems design, programming and testing, implementation, and operation and maintenance. Systems Investigations are when developers research the existing problems with the current system. Then the developers examine the problem and determine the user requirements, which is Systems Analysis. System Design is the step when developers decide how to resolve the problem. Next the developers change the solution to the problem into computer code, which is Programming and Testing. Implementation happens when the old system is converted into the new system. To ensure the success of the new program, the developers schedule audits to assess the systems capabilities, which is Operation and Maintenance. The systems development life cycle is important because it forces...

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