Sociology Inequalities in Health and Illness

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Task 3 – Inequalities in Health and Illness (P3,M2,D1)

Gender (P3) -

Mortality rates: In gender men generally die earlier than women because of many aspects of their life, for instance in general women tend to take care of them self more physically. A lot of women go on diets and a lot of exercise DVDs and detunes are mainly aimed at women. Women in general do try to eat healthy and go on diets whereas men usually aren't very aware of their diet and don’t have much intention on improving it. Women also tend to go to the doctors and seek medical advice more often and have their illnesses diagnosed and treated more often than men. Because women' generally take more care of themselves and do more to keep themselves healthy.

Life expectancy: Again women' have a higher life expectancy because of they have their illnesses diagnosed and use more medication to get themselves better. Women also generally go to the doctors more about depression and anxiety and get medication for it. Women also take more time off from being ill and stay in bed more making sure they get better.

Disease Incidence: Women tend to suffer from depression more than men because of stress this is because they usually have a family and a job or not enough income which results in stress and they will not have much time to relax or enough money to do something to relax.

Disease prevalence: Diseases are hard to monitor as a lot of them are not diagnosed due to people not going to the doctors. But women would have a larger amount of the diseases because they go to the doctors more often and have their illnesses diagnosed whereas men tend not to go to the doctors as often. For example women are more often diagnosed with depression because they are more open to talk about their emotions and go to seek medical advice whereas men don’t usually go and get their illnesses diagnosed and don’t talk about their mental health issues or emotions as much.

Morbidity rates: There are inequalities between men and women in diseases and illnesses as women might suffer more from things like depression and eating disorders because of how they might feel in society whereas men suffer more from things due to their lifestyle like heart problems.

Differences: In general women have better diets than men as they care more about their appearance all though in society the modern day male is becoming more concerned for his appearance and lots of products are also now aimed at men too. But in general woman care more for what they eat. Alcohol consumption also varies between men and women as we are advised on how much we can drink and men are able to drink more units. Also men in general drink more than women this could just be because of the social aspect, but women tend to have many priorities like the home and children which restricts them from drinking a lot of the time. The average women uses a lot more drugs than the average man because they go to the doctors more and have more no-prescription and prescription drugs as they are more willing to be treated.

Social Class -
Mortality rates: In general a lot more people of lower class die compared to those of higher class. This is due to many things such as living conditions, wealth, socialization (good and bad) etc. Somebody in class 5 is twice as likely to die before retirement age than someone in class one this can be because of their lifestyle, somebody who is in class 5 will not have the best lifestyle and might struggle to eat proper food or could live in a home which could be dangerous to their health and could cause a number of health issues.

Life expectancy: The life expectancy of someone one from class 5 is lower than the life expectancy of someone from class 1. This can be due to money differences and people of class 1 will find it easier to look after themselves as they have more money to keeps themselves healthy, because of their wealth they’ll find it easier to eat healthy and go to the gym and...

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