Male in Nursing Profession

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Name: Lee Jia Min
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Issue Analysis Written Response


Gender discrimination is common in nursing. Even till now, there are still many misconceptions and stereotypes regarding to male being a nurse as it is a fact that nursing profession is dominated by the female gender in this modern era. However, it does not mean that males are not recognized and accepted in this female dominated profession. This is because when compared to female nurses, male nurses are physically stronger and emotionally tougher.

First and foremost, males are innately more physical strong than females. Why? Males have more muscles than women. Therefore, they can easily handle the tasks that require more energy and strength. For instance, male nurses can carry massive patients, heavy medical equipments as well as overcome aggressive and unruly patients. In terms of endurance, male nurses willing to work for more hours compared to female nurses. In that way, hospitals can eventually cope with nursing shortage issue. Some of the authors mention that men involved in nursing profession will help in resolving the nursing shortage issue (AACN 2001, Boughn 1995, Brady & Sherrod 2003).

Additionally, male nurses are better in associating with male patients. Most of the male patients might be shy when interacting or communicating with female nurses. Besides that, male nurses are also more precise and attentive on male patients’ needs. Furthermore, this can also prevent sexual harassment to happen between nurses and patients in hospital. News reported that two registered nurses performed sexual acts with a bedridden stroke patient (San Diego 6 ND). Moreover, according to Islamic perspective, physical contact between two opposite sex is not permissible and is forbidden.

However, there are still opposition and disagreement that males are not desirable in nursing...
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