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Culture can be defined as the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that are passed from one generation to the next. (36) When you first look at someone you can see what culture they are from. Material culture is the things of culture such as jewelry, art, buildings, weapons, machines, hairstyles, and clothing. (36) Material culture is looking at the physical things about the culture. When people are judging other cultures it is usually by the physical appearance of the culture and that is called ethnocentrism. (37) Next you notice how the person talks and their gestures. Nonmaterial culture is a group’s way of thinking and doing. (36) Nonmaterial culture is digging deeper into the people’s lives and finding out their beliefs and actions. When looking into the nonmaterial culture people tend to take away their judgments and realize everyone is human and has a right to their ways of their culture. When we aren’t judging and just looking at the culture on its own terms, we are practicing culture relativism. (37)

The United States is made of a pluralistic society which is a society made up of many different groups. (50) The culture we live in is very diverse. It’s a mixture of people with different material and nonmaterial cultures. The United States has thirteen major values that make up our culture. (51) I think individualism, freedom, and equality are a huge part of the United State culture. Everyone is seen as equal therefore they have the freedom to be individuals. Individualism, freedom, and equality are United States values that intertwine with each other. On page 51, the book talks about how individualism is how someone from the bottom of society can rise to the top. I believe that statement is very true because there are many people who may have grown up in a poor environment but grow up and became very successful. I think there is more to individualism though, it also has to do with...
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