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Cultural Conformity and Adaptation Essay
Social control, social change, and resistance to social change are prominently represented in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It’s primarily based on the experience of a criminal that chose to move to a mental institution to avoid serving his time at a prison work camp. The criminal, Randall McMurphy, did not realize was that once he was admitted to the institution, he would not be released until the medical staff felt he was safe for society. While McMurphy is living life in the institution, he creates a society among several of the patients, which has a large impact on the structure of the institution. McMurphy’s relationships with the other patients in the ward, develops into a society where thoughts and opinions grow and interfere with the flow of the institution's rules and regulations, and friction is made between the authorities and the patients. McMurphy strives to overcome the head nurse, Nurse Ratchet, and finds himself understanding and caring for the other patients in the ward. The term "society" is defined as a group of people that share a culture and common identity. This society is present when McMurphy is admitted to the institution; He impacted and changed their thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. When McMurphy first arrived at the institution, the patients also followed a specific daily "routine" assigned to them. The Ward was a society of order and regulations, and the members of this society all had a culture and common identity of being "insane". During his time in the ward, McMurphy develops relationships with the other patients and teaches them to interact with one another more completely. He also shows them how to work towards what they wanted in the hospital, as well as their personal goals for themselves and their success with their treatment. While he is doing this, Nurse Ratchet becomes angry at his attempt to change her system that she stands by – resulting in conflict...
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