Sociology 101

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In this course, we will look at human behavior through the lens of sociology. Humans are social animals and are profoundly influenced by the social groups to which they belong. These groups include the family one is born into, one’s gender, race and ethnicity, and the neighborhood, city, region, and country in which one lives. They also include religious and political affiliations and one’s economic and social position within the larger strata of the society in which one lives. As humans participate in each of the groups to which they belong, their behavior, beliefs, and even those things they come to define as “normal” or “real” are shaped by their interactions with other group members.

Sociology studies the way society is organized. It also studies how human beings interact in the context of their social situations. The course introduces this intellectual discipline as a way of analyzing the complex, multi-cultural world in which we live. Over the course of the semester we will: * Identify key terms and apply the major theoretical perspectives to information and experiences. * Compare and contrast elements of social inequalities regarding race, ethnicity, gender and age. * Understand the significance of the scientific viewpoint, exploration and critique of research methods in sociology designed to foster the ability to think abstractly and perform critical analysis. Conduct research relating to key concepts in sociology and compose a paper using APA format. * Explain and analyze the development of culture through the process of socialization in relation to race, class, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity and nationality. * Demonstrate how any viable society...
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