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Topics: Tourism, Social responsibility, Income tax Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: April 24, 2015

The ability of the company to relates its operations and policies to the social environment in ways that are mutually beneficial to the company and to the society in which it operates will greatly influence its chances of continuing as a going concern. That is why our company believes that it will continue to exist as long as it can meet and maintain the expectations of the public regarding social responsibility. In order to attain our company’s vision and mission, our foremost concern with social and economic responsibilities would consist of the following:

As the newly established ice skating rink, we can provide job opportunities. We will hire employees to work for us in exchange for wages. We hereby help lessen unemployed people in the community thus creating a better standard of living. If demand continue to increase, BISZ would eventually be able to expand and facilities thus providing more income for the employees, stockholders and the company itself. REVENUE (TAXES) GENERATION

Government can earn additional income from the taxes that our company will be paying. Aside from the company’s corporate taxes, our employees would also pay their respective income taxes. The payment would assist the government in implementing its pl.ans and projects for a much better and industrialized country. SPORTS PROMOTIONS & TOURIST ATTRACTION

There would be a possibility of promoting sports and potential athletes that would make Baguio City more popular. Tourist attraction is enhanced for it encourages both local and foreign tourists to visit the place thus creating a boom in tourism industry within the city. ENVIRONMENT

Our company will dedicate itself not only for profit generation but also environmental sustainability. Upon establishment, proper waste disposal will be observed throughout the business life. Regulations established for environmental preservation shall be strictly followed. The business will...
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