social work perspectives

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The demography – name PQR age – 30yrs gender – male education – msw in human resourse management training underwent- group formation designation - executive corporate social work responsibility
Organization - ghj previous experience- 2 yrs salary- 30000
How social work education helped / helping you in his/her job?
Since I work as a research assistant I don’t often use the theories. The only method which I use is research. But the social work education has helped me in getting this job. Because of my education I have an in-depth knowledge about research and it motivates me to work on exciting topics.
The experience of applying social work principles in your profession
The social work principles have helped me a lot not just in my profession but otherwise also in my daily life. Principles like acceptance, non-judgementalism, controlled emotional involvement, confidentiality should be practiced by every human being not just social worker.
Your comments on application / applicability of social work methods in your job.
Methods of case work are very helpful while dealing with individual clients. Through casework we can motivate the client to tell freely about the problem he/she is facing. Group work can be used as tool to introduce the clients to others who are going through the same phase. This might motivate them to solve their problem because they now know that there are others who are going through the same thing
But being a research assistant the method I use the most is obviously research. Through this method we strive to work on existing research and get new and improved results. I do conduct group work sometimes but my I prefer doing research.
Comments on Social work theories and how they were /are helpful in your practice
Social work theories are useful in understanding how to go about applying different methods in different situations. The theories help in understanding the concept of social work as a whole.
I don’t use much of

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