Ehtics Prejudice And Anti Discriminator

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Chapter 1

Unit covered:
DH3K 34

Social care theory for practice
Social Care Theory for Practice is a major
component of your HNC in Social Care.
You may note that it is worth two credits
within the framework of your qualification,
and it certainly underpins major concepts
in social care. It covers important elements
like values, anti-discriminatory practice,
legislation, care planning and intervention
methods, as well as team work, and is very
much focused upon how theory relates to
day-to-day work. You may also find that
it lends itself to other areas of study, like
psychology, social policy or sociology,
and hopefully, as you gain experience
in workplaces, you will benefit from
understanding how theories and class work
relate to actual real-life work. It will challenge
your thoughts and experiences, help you to
analyse your own understanding of the world
around you, and hopefully encourage you to
consider the nature of your own opinions.
This is a challenging area of study; Social
Care Theory should enhance your analytical
skills and while it may not make you change
your mind about some things, it should help
you to understand your own views and the
views of others.
This chapter aims to explain the main
concepts relating to the central themes of
the unit in a step-by-step way. However, in
any work setting, you should be mindful of
individual policies and procedures, team
structures and mission statements which
relate to some of the areas mentioned.
Certainly, as an area of study, Social Care
Theory for Practice is aptly named:

it aims to help you to understand some
of the broad themes in the huge field of
social care and equip you with enough
underpinning knowledge to practise safely,
ethically and responsibly. It will also give you
a degree of factual knowledge in relation to
theories on teams, management styles and
communication. It should also give you a an
insight into the sometimes daunting area
of legislation, covering major Acts which
impact upon a social care worker’s role,
responsibility and duty.

Social care theory provides ample food for thought.

On completing this unit you should be
able to explain how social care values and
principles influence practice; understand the
care planning process; be aware of a variety
of social care intervention models; evaluate
and describe types and models of teams and


team working. While every study centre will have
its own methods of assessment, as this is such a
broad area, it is likely that you will be expected
to produce evidence of a significant level of
knowledge through essay, case study exercise
and/or presentation.
Wherever and however you complete this
complex unit, your tutor will keep you informed
of assessment processes and detail.

Key terms
Intervention to get involved; to interfere with
events or processes
Knowledge awareness and understanding of
concepts and facts
Methods a way of doing something, especially
Principle a rule of conduct or expected practice
Process routine way of dealing with something
Skills capacity to do something – demonstrated
ability to do something
Values the worth we place upon someone or

Values and underpinning
care principles
Through general discussions and perhaps
through prior learning, you may already have
quite a fixed idea of what values may mean. We
talk a lot about ‘respect’, ‘individuality’, ‘equality’ or ‘diversity’ in social care. This chapter aims to
challenge and unearth a deeper comprehension
of values and look at wider social issues which
may influence our understanding of what is ‘right’
or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, in Social Care. Values are about ethics, moral dilemmas, challenges and
cultural awareness; they reflect our own personal
belief systems, backgrounds and socialisation and
they can, and probably will, change! You not only
have to consider your own value-base,...
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