Social Work Field Observation Report

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In my exploration of different populations in the social work field, I interned at San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) in order to learn more about the population diagnosed with developmental disabilities. I received insight into the dynamics of caring for people with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other conditions of the like and learned about the various ways such a population is disenfranchised and taken advantage of outside organizations that cater specifically to them.
Working as a nanny for several years has also given me the opportunity to experience close interactions with a variety of different families from the lower to the middle and to the higher end of the socioeconomic spectrum. Single-parent households, blended families, LGBT families, families with children diagnosed with mental health issues and/or learning deficiencies are among the
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However, it actually turned out that I had more in common with my African-American roommate, who was also came from a low-income household in Southern California, than I did with my 3rd generation Mexican-American roommate who came from a middle-class suburban city. I had no idea the impact that different generations and cultural differences outside of race have the ability to make until I actually experienced it. Thanks to this experience, I feel my culturally competency expanded to new horizons. As a social worker, I plan to take what I have learned from my experience and education of the transcultural perspective that San Jose State’s mission has established and practice it with people I work with. This will be one of the many ways I plan on contributing to the profession to promote social justice as well as advocate for the communities who consistently face oppression and social

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